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Template BIZ003

Great template for a small business company website, for whom aesthetics and attention to detail are most important. Several pages, clean look, fully responsive. Number of options to adjust the template makes it perfect for everyone.

Elements of a template:

  • Header with contact information (email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Optional links to social networks
  • Animated slider or cover in header
  • Multi level menu
  • The latest entry (or entries) on the home page

Things you get with a template:

  • Two color versions (light and dark)
  • Different colors of accents to choose from
  • Different background patterns to choose from
  • and the ability to set the background color of the page
  • Standard pages
  • Responsive design

Available modules:

  • Entries – such as news or recent projects
  • Price list – possible categories and a photo and description of each item
  • Gallery divided into albums
  • Contact form
  • Multilanguage

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We're working on a new template

We’re working on a new template

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BIZ003 now available

BIZ003 now available

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