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CORPO005 Template

When we have lots of informations for our potential customers

About us

PIX+ is our response to the needs of those customers who need a quick and effective solution at affordable price. You will get not only the high quality website, but also the support and knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers.

This Minimal template was created for those who want simplicity above all. It’s about highlighting your work and company.

Responsive design

It’s crucial for a website to be available on every device with similar awesome experience. That is why we design our templates to be responsive.

Your website will look good on mobile, tablet and desktops!

Ease of use

We think about how you will manage your site. So if anything feels complicated we do everything we can to simplify it. Therefore you won’t have any trouble when you get access to your shiny new website.

SEO ready

We know how important well coded websites are for search engines. Therefore all our templates are optimized for SEO from the start. We also share our basic SEO knowledge with you.

Available modules

There are several templates and sections for you to use.

  • Portfolio – this is where you present your work. Each work is different, so we prepared 4 possible column ratios for the single view. Just choose the one that is best for your project.
  • Page with sections – allow you to build your subpage with sections.You can preview all available section here.
  • Price list – it’s also a section but there are 3 possible types that were added on individual subpage.
  • Gallery – to easily add lots of images. You control how many of them show up per page.
  • Blog –  you can set what should or should not be visible.

Contact us

If you like this template, or you are not sure which of our templates will suit you best don’t hesitate and contact us!

Use a form on the right or simply drop us a line at Don’t forget to tell us a bit more about your business and we will choose a perfect template for you.

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