About CORPO005

All our templates are responsive and ready to be multilingual if needed. CORPO005 is best for more complex websites. In main navigation you can either have simple submenu or “Mega submenu” in which you can show subpages in more structured way.

Colours, customisations

In CORPO005 you set custom action colour to fit your company branding. Set backgrounds for sections, header and footer. All of this  and more is customisable via WordPress backend, but we will help you set things up so don’t worry.

Modules, typography, styles

With CORPO005 you have few templates to choose from: default template, home page,  gallery,  page with sections. Of course if your website need custom template we will prepare it for you and it will be available in the backend.

With the page with sections template, you can build subpages with sections that are:

  • single column
  • two columns
  • column with image
  • column with video
  • tagline block
  • blocks
  • cards
  • latest or selected posts
  • latest or selected portfolio
  • partners
  • price list
  • contact form
  • team

you can have multiple sections, you can change their order, add or remove them. Almost all sections are presented on subpage the All available sections. Price list sections comes with 3 possible types that were added on this individual subpage for clarity.

There are also prepare special styles you can use while editing the content of the pages. They are all visibile on Typography subpage.


Each subpage can have side menu with either top level parent or custom menu. You also can set cover image with a title.


This is where you present your work. Each work is different, so we prepared 4 possible column ratios for the single view. Just choose the one that is best for your project.


There is special option like put your best posts in top slider and highlighting your two latest posts. Both options can be disabled. Categories can have their own colour and icon and you can show them at the bottom of blog pages for quick access.

In blog posts you can control if elements listed below should be visible or not:

  • date
  • author
  • categories
  • tags
  • social buttons
  • sidebar
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